Parikrama – The Revolving Delhi Restaurant

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What has height got to do with food? Take a break for 60-90 minutes to find an answer at the Parikrama Restaurant, situated in the heart of Indian capital New Delhi.

Guaranteed is a panoramic view of Delhi from the 24th floor of Antariksh Bhawan in Connaught Place. It is the only revolving restaurant in the capital, I believe.

The moment you enter, you will find yourself moving… revolving… slowly. Yes, this restaurant revolves, actually. You can keep eating as the scene outside the window keeps changing, showing you different parts of the city from 240 feet above the ground. Live.

Parikrama literally means to go around. And you really go around Delhi eating, mesmerized…. uhhhhh…. look look… there’s Jama Masjid. And what’s happening atop that building there…!!!

This centrally air conditioned multi-cuisine restaurant has a separate lift to take you to the top where, honestly… I actually forgot to eat… But, yeah, I certainly enjoyed a 360 degree panoramic view of the city.

During the course, there was no jam at all… and I kept on clicking.

One comment

  1. I had visited Parikrama many times in the past and last evening also I had scheduled my family get-together at the 24th floor of Parikrama. But I found it the worst of all Delhi restaurants, as manager Sharma is the most stupid and idiot person I have come across. He is so rude that I wish to slap him but somehow bcoz of his age I stopped myself. But for sure the have employed the worst of the hospitality person at the restaurant and he is not worth of even working at local roadside dhaba. I wish no one from my network will ever visit Parikrama in future.


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