Singing-Dancing Prohibited @ Raj Ghat after Sushma Swaraj Jig !

Illustration Cartoon on Sushma Swaraj dancing at Raj Ghat. By Neeraj Bhushan.

● A Mango Man’s thought @ Raj Ghat: “मंदिर में भी ठगा-ठगा सा मैं. यहां भी ठगा-ठगा सा मैं. यहां भी वे आये और वीआईपी दर्शन करके चले गए. और उनकी सुन भी ली गयी. रह गया मैं, ठगा-ठगा सा.”

● … and a foreigner’s thought: “It’s an unusual warning. Something is banned here but instead of the offenders, the prohibitors themselves are to be prosecuted. Wow. Good example of checks & balances.”

● … and some related tweets by none other Sushma Swaraj herself:

Sushma Swaraj
Sushma Swaraj

— It is the tradition of our Party that we sing patriotic songs during all our protests and shivirs to keep up spirit of our workers.

— Hum deshbakt log hain. Apni zindagi ki akhri saans tak hum deshbakti ke geet gayenge bhi, un pr jhoomenge bhi aur nachenge bhi.

— We are patriotic people. We will sing and dance on patriotic songs till our last breath.

— My question is : Is singing a song in praise of your motherland an insult to Mahatama Gandhi?

— If we sing and dance to the song ‘Mera rang de basanti chola’ on the samadhi of Shahid Bhagat Singh, will it be an insult to the martyr?

— No place and no occasion is wrong for singing and dancing in praise of our motherland.

— My brothers and sisters, Vande matram. I am not the one to be cowed down by such people who do not appreciate our patriotic sentiments.

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