Stop this madness, Stop killing people; I don’t want this blood-thirsty democracy

Stop Violence

It is disgusting to note the killings of people, innocent or otherwise, around us. Simply disgusting. If you are targeting a Hitler, why are you behaving more Hitler-like?

Bloody how can you rejoice after killing a person. Readers from across the globe are connected here. But I don’t know how do they react to this!

I expect you to act against this systematic madness. Stop these blood-thirsty governments who are engaged in the such barbaric, ancient, uncivilized acts.

Most killings in the recent times have been in the name of democracy or in the guise of uprising. Who is giving them licence to kill people, sometimes their very own citizens!

We are not fools. Don’t we know most of the such killings are sponsored by one nation or the other! What politics, and what diplomacy this?

We live in a modern world. And this just can’t be tolerated. Under the given situations, I know I cannot protect; but at least I can protest. Right now I am doing that.

May I request you too to kindly think about it. Seriously. Save the civilisation. Do something for the humanity. And I know I am not hoping against hope. If their conspiracies can succeed, our efforts can shock them.

I don’t expect you to remain just a reader. You too can be a leader. Yes, you can do something, today… right now. I trust you.

There are people, like you… who want to live. Let them live.


  1. I want my future India to b the dream wht my parents saw for me… now I see for my India … Never give up to wrong…stand against it.. if one fails others will come…


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