Rising Food Prices – Nearly One Billion Go to Bed Hungry

Aaloka Anant
Aaloka Anant

… and in India too people are being fooled daily with wrong data. It has been just said that Food Inflation Is Down. Hello, what about the Fuel Inflation? Is this your Fiscal Discipline?

To this, Aaloka Anant, a senior consultant with Honeywell International, Inc. says, “From Economics point of view its just numbers – the numbers are themselves doubted by most B-schools and economists have better versions like a 3 year average and other ways to minimize base effect.”

To Read Useful Facts On World Hunger, Click Here.

And Do You Know That Women Not Only Cook Food For Their Families……they also produce between 60 – 80% of food in developing nations … and yet…60% of chronically hungry people are women and girls. Click Here To Watch.

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