Fox TV interviews Dr. Subramanian Swamy on his Op-Ed on Islamic Terror

[1] Click Here To Read What Swamy Wrote In DNA Newspaper On July 16, 2011 — ‘How to wipe out Islamic terror

[2] Click Here To Read Readers’ Reactions To The Article — ‘Subramanian Swamy’s article irresponsible & Islamophobic

[3] Click Here To Read What Senior Journalist Seema Mustafa Has To Say On Swamy’s Piece — ‘Dr Subramanian Swamy has inflamed passions through blatant falsehoods


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Nothing Secular In India Except Govt !!!


  1. What Mr.Swamy was doing when the Hinduvta extremist elements doing several bomb blasts across the country? How can a moderate Muslim stop another Muslim, alleged to be involved in terror activities? If Sangh parivar is wiped out of India, there would be an end of terrorism in India, as they are responsible for creating a communal wedge among Indians.


  2. I have just posted one article. Who Made Anna The Anna? It is on the net I everybody can read if they wish by opening it in the google task bar. In the whole world today the vested interest has taken over everything and unfortunately this institution of religion is used and abused for political agendas. I have been a bitter critique of this religious violence. Here there is a point to differentiate between the violence as a cause and the violence as an effect, i.e. a retaliatory violence.

    Today Pakistan laments as a victim of Islamic terrorism. We saw a bomb blast in some mosque there and these blasts are a regular phenomenon. Pakistan is suffering because they sowed the seeds of Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately Pak has still not learnt it despite these violent deaths. Islamic terrorism has become a way to arm twist the political establishment to gain the superiority. Pakistan is sending it all over the world.

    Last month or so, we noted Pakistani sponsored Islamic terrorists in China’s Xinjiang province and China reacted very sharply and Pak officials went to Beijing to calm it down. India on the contrary is a state where they are practicing flexible democracy which unfortunately Sharia do not accept. This is the basic problem that the Muslim community themselves have to sort out. They cannot lay blame on others when they point out the realities. Dr Sway is vociferous and if SAS Jeelani has freedom to expression in Delhi, what is wrong about Dr Swamy in his views to express.

    People in Kashmir can openly speak against hanging this hardcore criminal – Afzal Guru, a traitor and yet the Muslim community keep silent on this issue. If I asked Why, you will shoot back on as islamophobic. That is why I have said that the difference between Islamophobia and Islamofascism is very narrow. It depends upon your attitude primarily. If I condemn Islamofascism, you blame me otherwise. It is a long chapter, a never ending argument. We must accept the fact that Islamofascism is a menace and the Muslims themselves have to come forward to tackle it after openly accepting it.

    I recently had a call from Canada from a Muslim friend on Facebook about a Muslim lady called Shahdady being killed by her husband in Canada because she wanted divorce from him. I politely wrote to him that this is an intra-community Islamic issue that has to be tackled by reformation in the Islam itself. Nobody else can do anything about it. In Canada, of course the legal machinery is strong and you can get him prosecuted. So this is a global problem of Islamic terrorism we have to accept and tackle it.

    Who does not know the insinuation by LeT via ISI in India. Can one exclude Islam out of it. Can one exclude Islam from Kashmir Valley what they are doing there? I think no. Unless we be sincere, the issue will remain standing. Violence begets violence, we must remember. Therefore my humble appeal to my Muslim friends and esteemed Muslim community is and I have always made it, live and let live.

    God bless


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