I sing you because I hear you

Singers sing. But do they hear! Yes. They hear. They hear the DEMANDING SITUATION. They hear the need of the hour. But why do they sing in closed boxes, sound proof rooms, in mechanical manners!

May be to give us a hit. Here’s an example of a recording:

Mummmmmmmmmmmy!!! I sing too. And I hear, too. But I don’t succumb to any pressure. I don’t hear any bells. I can’t sing in chambers or within corners. I also care a penny for Sa Re Ga Ma technicalities. How do I sing then!!! Who would hear me then!

But do I have expectations while singing!

I sing you. Because I hear you. I hear you. Because you sing for me. Let’s create the symphony then. Let’s sing together. Salute the singer – within you & me. Sing. Must we celebrate our songs. Sing.

Sing like this. Let me lift you.


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