Let More & More Women Be ENTREPRENEURS

Equality For Women

The 2012 World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development finds that women’s lives around the world have improved dramatically. How do you react to this? Don’t you feel that gaps remain in many areas – Otherwise why would nearly 4 million poor women go “missing” each year in developing countries?

Further, women are still dying in childbirth, or not being born at all, at alarming rates. Correct me, if I am wrong. Also, women continue to lack voice and decision-making ability in the household and in society; and, their economic opportunities remain very constrained. This inequality is manifestly unfair.

The UN thus rightly understands that “women perform 66 per cent of the world’s work, produce 50 per cent of the food, but earn 10 per cent of the income and own 1 per cent of the property.” What does this grim statistics tell us, then?

Nepal WomenOf course, the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa are the three regions in which explicit legal gender differentiations are more common, both in accessing institutions and in using property. But why don’t we invoke the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that begins by emphasizing that “recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”

I am happy to share with you that in my family, women have full access to earned income and it is they who actually own property. This is a little effort that we do for their security, education and health. Yes, gender equality is – first and foremost – a human right.

In developing countries, gender inequities acutely limit opportunities for girls and women. Can you contribute by working to expand girls’ access to education and to create opportunities for their empowerment, such as through economic participation? Can you help them in savings, loans, and money transfers—enabling them to invest in enterprises, better nutrition, improved living conditions, and the health and education of their children. Think. Be a powerful catalyst for women’s empowerment.

To begin with, GIVE THEM a voice in their households, communities, and governments, as well as access to resources. REMEMBER — Increasing women’s economic opportunities and participation—such as through access to land, financial services and other resources—can promote women’s status and help reduce poverty.

Let’s See This Example: During a visit to Kathmandu, over a decade ago, I had found women in bad shape. I was informed that the Nepalese families would spend little money on girls’ higher education, forcing them to marry early. But now, I am told that the cycle of poverty is being taken care of by people there with the help of institutions like World Bank. Watch in the video below how training and opportunities are being provided for girls in Nepal. It’s time to think EQUAL for women and girls at your places too. In the changing world, Greater Voice feels people can actually encourage women to be entrepreneurs.


  1. whatever the world development reports say the condition of women in India is nowhere near where we would like it to be. the discrimination starts even before they are born given the everyday news of female foeticide,infanticide, and even being abandoned after birth. and this discrimination does not happen amongst the uneducated masses but sadly is prevalent among the so called educated families too. And until the mindsets of the people are changed, no laws or legislations can help. thankfully people are waking up to women power and most importantly women themselves are taking control of their lives which is a silver lining. ours is a family of all daughters and we take immense pride in them. great write- up. we need more people to help women help themselves..


  2. Thank you Neeraj for writing such inspiring post. It is always sad to read about the situation women are being put into whereby they have to bow to the culture. I am blessed to be born in a country where both men and women have equal chance in study as well as job opportunity.

    Looking forward to reading up more of your post. And thank you for reading up on my blog too. Have a great day!


  3. Very good post. Lovely Blog . It’s great to see other women who speak out on injustice . I believe that we are a doomed planet. We will continue to brutalize mother earth. She is fighting back and will win. Man kind is still to greedy and war like to see this is one planet we are all here together and we need to make the best of it. Perhaps if we ever make that one major step we will then evolve.
    Peace, Dani


  4. Justement hier je voyais un documentaire sur TV5 Monde, sur les enfants de Mombay. l’Indes est un pays en voie de développement mais encore beaucoup reste à faire pour la sauvegarde de la population la plus pauvre, notamment les enfants et les femmes souvent victimes.
    Je te souhaite une très bonne journée.


  5. leading by example is a good way to go! agree with you here… it is in our social consciousness to teach women household chores and men money matters…that dfntly needs to change


  6. Gender equality is, first and foremost, a human right. Women are entitled to live in dignity and in freedom – from want and from fear. Empowering women is an indispensable tool for advancing development and reducing poverty and I am as proud as pleased, to see a gentleman like you address such a significant concern in your discerning and compassionate manner. In a space where so many women don’t have the privilege of being able to look at gender justice from a distance, having no choice but to live it every day – there, people like you are a great source of inspiration for our society!

    Hats off to you! 🙂


  7. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh ………Ahmed Bhai ki na mardon waali baat………:)))))))))
    If the man accepts that he can give even half of his share that’s an achievement in itself.
    Many many men do not give even 1% of the women’s share….Leave alone 50%.
    Well as the times are passing by men are surely becoming better though they don’t have much choice……….And women are rising like a volcano……….So beware…..


  8. I agree with most of the great article. However, the term ‘equal’ has different meanings in different cultures, and as men have always dominated women, sometimes equal is half of that of a man’s share.


  9. WOW…………This is just what is required in today’s world……..
    But people have very very varied opinions about working women….
    Many may support them but actually they don’t like it when women actually rise up in life.
    It’s sad how much women have to fight to step out of their homes to do what they really want to do…
    And here I would like to SALUTE those who manage to achieve their dreams and pursue their passions.
    Fabulous write-up Neeraj.


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