When I & Obama Sing – Anarkali Goes To Disco & Big B Says Shava Shava

When Daddy Sings - Illustration by Shruti ©

Recently my daughter sketched her heart out… having observed and assessed my musical abilities… and she captioned it — “When Daddy Starts Singing.” I then realized that small is not only beautiful, but also powerful, as I sat reading her emotions for hours before deciding to share her sketch with my friends on a social network. There, she got applauds with some provoking and instigating her in these words (at my cost):

  • Super-super-super… a strong stroke;
  • Mindblowing, fabulous, looking forward to meeting you;
  • Keep up the creative work;
  • Awesome !!! Looking forward to seeing more of your pics !!!

Since then she’s been watching my songs and moves even more seriously. And why not when she’d thanked all my friends who commented on her work, saying: “Seems that everyone agrees to my viewpoint of Papa’s singing effect…lolz!!!

Obama & Mallika Sherawat
Obama & Mallika Sherawat

Today, I heard US President Barack Obama saying that the First Lady Michelle “is just relentless” with her teasing and she “gets jealous when I sing too much.”

She is just relentless,” Obama said during an appearance on ABC’s The View. [Click here to watch Obama singing… I… so  in love with you]

Joking that he was a “classic example of a dumb husband, screwing up” when he walked off Air Force One without Michelle, Obama revealed how daughters Sasha and Malia view their dad as “the right amount of embarrassing.” [Click here to read Politics of Love: Mallika Sherawat’s Presidential Dream]

Let me thus share a 2009 video of the First Couple attending a Latin music special wherein the President was asked to dance by the very hot Mexican singer Thalia. Watch what happens when he sits back down and tries to get Michelle’s attention! Oooooh! What a snub!!!

Ditto. My children, wife and family love me but they refuse to side with me when I sing… particularly when I sing in open… anywhere… like while on a stroll in a park… in a shopping mall… anywhere.

But… at the same time they also take note of the films (oh, I am so fond of watching movies) I sing from… and they keep gifting me the DVDs of the same of and on. How sweet!

And recently, as I stood in a long queue to pay my wife’s mobile bill, I could not resist humming a number… and suddenly all was quiet… even the air-conditioner. By the time I could realize what actually happened, a gentleman standing in line told me, “You sing well.” 🙂

Encouraged, I ‘became’ taller, bolder and a much powerful singer – may be a good embarrassment to my family when I went to see ‘Housefull 2’… There, I stood up and sang and danced to ‘Anarkalai Disco Chali’… why not when the lyrics were just in sync… .

See the lyrics —

“Mujhko pyaari azaadi
Qaid mein ab nahi rehna
Zulm zaalim hai nasheen ka
Ab na hai mujhko sehna
Mujhko hip-hop sikha de
Beat ko top kara de
Thoda sa trance baja de
Mujhko ik chance dila de
Main ghoom loon, main jhoom loon, main jhoom loon”

Should I then conclude with a reference to the song from Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) wherein Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan virtually enacted me. Find and watch Shava Shava till the end, if you haven’t seen it before.


  1. Hahahaha……………Lovely post…….!!!
    Very well presented Neeraj jee.
    I like the way you have woven memories and good times together and what a comparison……..hee hee….!!!


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