I have a dream

Dream - Photographs and Illustration by Neeraj Bhushan © neerajbhushan.com

As a (small) child, I always (actually) dreamt of running – malls, chain of restaurants, entertainment theatres, 24-hr TV channels, schools and hospitals besides many other things.

Then, I had (absolutely) no clue of the modern day shopping malls or the popular and famous eating joints, PVRs, BBC, DAVs or Apollo.

I used to wonder (during school hours), why do such dreams visit me and even haunt me. By the evening, I would pass the such thoughts off, while rubbing shoulders with mates in the fields.

I am an adult, now.

Today, I see malls, brand restaurants, plush theatres and many a television channels, all amenities schools and state of the art clinics – all with open eyes.

But. My (those) dreams have not died. I have lived in different cities, with (all) my dreams intact.

In all these years, world has moved to new heights – An apple is no longer a mere fruit today. It is also not just the symbolic forbidden berry between Adam and Eve.

Yes, there’s something more to be mentioned. Then … I would often get frantic after ‘seeing’ my dreams. Now, I just smile.

Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaa 🙂

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