World Has Not Ended Yet

Many a times I’m approached by people who offer HELP to avenge this or that wrongs as well as to teach lessons to the wrong people who cast spell on my life. Each time I appreciate their concern with thanks. However, I never proceed in any such direction. No temptation at all.

Such counsels are thus coming less in number these days as, maybe, people have come to know by now as to what life means to me. My friends, I am sure, certainly know what I want in life. On my part, I have always known that I am not a magician. I just work, act, deliver on my instincts that are often inspired by my strong beliefs, considered likes and open dislikes.

The Inspiration By Neeraj BhushanOn occasions I smile, looking beyond high boundaries, deep into the sky, after there’s a desertion in my ranks for I refuse to give in to any treacherous means or disagree to adopt such steps which I swear not to follow even in distress. And then I am branded slow, much to my laughter. Who would tell them that my reflexes would have been sharper than a cheetah had I been in a jungle!

Of course I also do not subscribe to the suggestions that ‘when you can’t change a system, be a part of the system’. [This reference one would understand better while reading my upcoming book – ‘My PTI Diary – 4 Parliament Street’.]

I rather believe in Living Well. [Did someone ever say, Living Well Is The Best Revenge?]

This is my lifestyle; this is how I look at life, telling stories to myself that give me a sense of purpose and optimism, especially during the tough times I am undergoing right now. Well, I am patient but certainly not a patient. (Hence I don’t need any prescription.)

Launching and leading campaigns have always been inseparable from my life. I am like that. And I love myself. Wait n Watch. The world hasn’t ended yet.

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