Latest Online Sensation – Jaxon Smith The Drummer


I started making good use of my fingers and palms quite early in life, playing tabla on study tables. I would also have drum sessions on the dining table before dinner was served.

Then, out of the money saved over two years I bought tabla to create variety of sounds on my own and relying heavily on the radio that played more traditional music those days.

My sister did help with monetary contribution and tonnes of encouragement. She would also sit with me singing, rehearsing her classical notes. Does she owe me something today as she went on to study music as a subject in her higher studies!

What would I not use while playing the hand drums then! While on a high I would even add some half-filled and empty wooden and tin boxes, tableware to produce my kind of effect – an entertainment I enjoy to the hilt even today.

Jaxon Smith

Well that’s me. As I share this, I am amazed at the drumming ability of a six-year-old prodigy Jaxon Smith.

This unbelievable talent was born in 2005 when he weighed just one pound. Today, he’s grown up to be quite a rocker, performing songs with such ease.

God. He too is self-taught. Watch out his calm postures! Yes it’s music where future is born in like manners. Let me also share that he was born three months premature.

Now WATCH the video to see how this little professional from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is teaching himself. Is he the next viral hit and online sensation!!!




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