Dedh Bitna – Lilliput Cartoon Character

Dedh Bitna Liliput

Introducing ‘Dedh Bitna’ cartoon character, for the first time…as the new-born imaginary petty-tiny guy opens his mouth. He’s sharp, mind it.

‘Dedh Bitna’ is a Hindi name. It means a very short person with a height equivalent to a little more than stretched distance between the thumb and the last finger.

For better understanding, you may call the extremely small character Lilliput.  

‘Dedh Bitna’ will be growing (will he grow ever) here on Greater Voice.

Cartoons bear strange body proportions and hence ‘Dedh Bitna’ too will at least have weird size eyes. Normally, he will have a greater voice on real people and real events. 

It’ll definitely be fun and unique whenever this character will represent you and reflect your views in a cartoonized way, playing with words, like this one… this election season in India wherein every opportunist is looking forward to becoming the prime minister: 

Dedh Bitna Liliput


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