The New Khakhi – The evolving nature of election campaigning in India

Youth running for police recruitment. Will the future recruits be donning a different khadi?
Youth running for police recruitment. Will the future recruits be donning a different khadi?

Will the Indian youth aspiring to join police force be taking a different course and instead get recruited at the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Headquarters, after the 2014 elections?

There is this hysteria that the RSS-patronised Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) would be forming the next government. Media Opinion Polls, which Greater Voice does not approve of, also suggest that BJP could win the maximum seats this time.

Modi haters to be sent to PakistanThe latest to get hysteric is a BJP leader – Giriraj Singh – who has embarrassed the nation by his gutter statement – (i) that Pakistan is a powerful country; & (ii) that those trying their best to stop BJP PM-designate Narendra Modi from coming to power have no place in India and should go to Pakistan.

Singh has stood by his statement, adding that Modi-baiters were trying to promote Pakistan’s interests by opposing Modi in the ensuing polls.

Look at his claim that a number of powerful countries were against Modi becoming prime minister, and Pakistan topped the list.

It is irony that this ill-informed hate monger is also in fray, from Bihar’s Nawada constituency. Sadly, none is questioning his general knowledge as to when did Pakistan become a powerful country!

Giriraj-Singh-statement-that-Modi-haters-will-go-to-Pakistan-after-electionsThe such statement came even when India’s Election Commission had banned public campaigning by Modi’s right arm Amit Shah who had allegedly gone provocative against Muslims.

Another leader of a so-called hardline group Vishwa Hindu Parishad – Pravin Togadia – is also stated to have given a hate speech against Muslims for buying properties in “Hindu areas”. Incidentally, his statement came in Gujarat where Modi is currently the chief minister.

It is unfortunate that such persons who should be rather ignored are allowed to unleash tirades demonising voices that do not suit them.

How come the political parties patronize such fork-tongued people to vitiate the election climate by crass appeals to communalism? Why don’t such remarks cast long shadows on their suitability to govern?

Can we allow public attention to hover on extremism at a time when India is looking forward to march ahead, finally! Will not these statements fuel fears that it will be a new khakhi that will police the country.


If BJP is sure of its win, must it convince the Indian people that there shall not be a spurt in inter-religious violence, seen with its surge in the 1990s.

Elections are not an opportunity to take revenge; politics for that matter is not for settling scores. You contest elections to govern. And governance demands disciplining nauseating cohorts.

Modi himself should shun attempts to brand him as a Hindu icon, if he actually wants to become the prime minister. Who knows better than him that he will never be able to bridge his distance with the Muslims, ever!

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  1. Reader feels the writer is having an opinion already. Kindly get facts right not from scripts but after working in both cult organisations. Also, the writer should make an effort to purchase a property in a different religious majority, it can be of any other than of his.


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