Quit Twitter, Rajdeep


Rajdeep Sardesai should have quit Twitter long back in 2010 when it surfaced that he got fake Twitter handles to invite feedback on his TV show.

On his award-winning show India@9, when Sardesai was CNN-IBN editor-in-chief, he moderated a programme on whether lobbying should be legalised in the wake of the Nira Radia scandal.

Fake Hands of JournalistsBut allegations were levelled that CNN-IBN channel generated fake Twitter counts that it ran at the bottom of the screen while the show was on.

Interestingly, Sardesai responded twice on Twitter when the controversy gained steam, then.

In one, he said:

“The comments were picked up from ibnlive dot com. Should have been attributed to the web, not to Twitter.”

And in the other, he said:

“Explanation given, apology given. Chill.”

According to First Post website, Sardesai has long been the whipping boy of ‘jingioistic right-wing elements —both online and offline’.

True to this image, Sardesai again ignited a controversy after writing an article titled ‘Yes, I am anti-national‘ that came in the backdrop of the ongoing national debate on ‘anti-national’ activities in the country.

Obama Salute to Sardesai’s Twitter exit.

Sardesai has often expressed displeasure at being attacked by ‘trolls’ on Twitter over his comments.

Recently, he had a brush with actor Anupam Kher too. And though Sardesai had promised to tweet less, he has now disabled his Twitter account. Good riddance?

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