Tribute to Akson David

Godsend people are blessed souls. One of them came from nowhere to assist me, the other day. Actually, I was losing my patience while trying to resolve a bug with one of my websites.

One of my websites had suffered a kind of shipwreck. One morning I just could not find it. Where did my website go? Did it go to live along some coast?

Then, I found that it was redirecting itself to another url. The url to which my site was pointing to was also mine but I had no clue why was this happening!

After every call to my hosting service provider, I would look up and take deep breath. As a matter of fact, I was wasting my time. Even my web developer had no idea about the error.

Talking to hosting service’s customer care and holding the line day after day weren’t producing any result. Raising tickets for the technical team for more professional assistance was also time waste.

Website Down

I told myself it was time I pulled up the site and shifted my domain to another hosting service. But, then, the site would demand total revamping, and I wasn’t prepared for working from scratch, again.

There came the Godsend person. He identified himself as Akson David, supervising the shift at the hosting service company. Quite patiently, he heard my issue, during which he also read all my mails and updates from support staffs I had contacted.

It was a conversation lasting about 2 minutes at the end of which Akson David promised me a call back. And he called in 5 minutes. He had resolved the issue.

My site, which was down for almost a month, was back. I told him, “You’re an AK that doesn’t kill. Instead, you just gave another life to my website.” He laughed on the other side of the phone.

I was but naturally obliged to write this mail to his company, thanking the Godsend and his great efforts:

This is to thank Mr. Akson for his such timely help in restoring one of my sites hosted by you.

I was just losing my patience when this gentleman came to the rescue. Thanks also to the customer care executive who transferred my call to him, regarding my issue.

The latest concern by way of a ticket was a follow up to half a dozen tickets and about a dozen calls to the customer care in last 28 days, regarding my concern which was not being resolved. 

I have no reason to believe that support staff or technical team (seized with the issue) did not try hard to resolve my issue but alas they couldn’t ultimately, until AK (Mr. Akson) came into picture from nowhere.

He listened to my issue, asked me to pinpoint the concern, and in minutes he assured me to get back. And he got back, to ensure that my issue has indeed been resolved.

I remain obliged to him.

Not only that. I had asked AK to let me know as to why did the particular issue hit my site. To this also, he had the answer. AK mailed me details of the technical snag, after fixing the error from his end and assuring me that the bug had been put to sleep.

His answer brought smiles on my face. Thank you AK.


  1. Loved reading the account of a godsend help and could not help but think that is it not that God or destiny or karma…connect us to people…places or events that are part of a much bigger design of supreme power!!


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