Rate your experience of online appointments

Going to hospital isn’t a nightmare, really. I have been repeatedly told it’s easier to see a (desired) doctor at a desired hospital. What about you?

Courtesy the digital age, our government has been boasting of online registration system or ORS for booking appointment at various hospitals across the country.

Don’t your friends and relatives send you messages on social media regarding the such convenient ways to visit hospital, get registration and seek appointment with doctor?

How often have you tried this simpler way for which (all) you have to do is verify yourself? You can do that using Aadhaar Number, and by selecting hospital and department, date of appointment.

Once done, you’ll be entitled to receive an SMS for appointment. This kind of system is intended to facilitate hospitals to easily manage their registration and appointment process and monitor the flow of patients.

book-appointment-using-ors-portal-for-government-hospitalsSo, do you believe that now getting an appointment, fetching laboratory reports and checking blood availability in any government hospital have become online and (so) easy!

Since taking appointment is must to consult a doctor, we are finding this as an alternative to standing in very-very long queue or to avoid visit to an unnecessarily costly private medical facility.

Here, you may ponder – what are the advantages of taking online appointment using ors.gov.in website via Internet? The answer is simple – you can avoid serpentine queue at a hospital for seeking appointment or registration.

But, does this actually kill the queue at a hospital? Help me arrive at the right conclusion by sharing your experience or sending your feedback.

Recently, I took my ailing mother to AIIMS, a hospital we all are so proud of. Thanks to ORS, we could avoid the first step i.e. very-very long queue but then I was made to stand in a long queue to get a sticker pasted on my registration slip before the doctor would see her.

The ordeal did not stop here, the security guards at the hospital appeared doing all the duties, except the examination part.

Next day, on a follow up visit, my ailing mother had to simply sit at the hospital for eight hours doing nothing. Now she is scared to visit the hospital again, for a review.

I sincerely hope she is the only one to have (incidentally) faced the circuitous cycle. To my question if she is feeling comfortable after a check up at AIIMS, she says, “Why can’t people do more good than they think?” It is her Mann Ki Baat, Mr. Prime Minister.

Queue at hospitals
Why is there still a queue?


What is ORS?

ORS is Online Registration Framework Portal for taking OPD appointment in government hospitals.

Why use of Aadhar for registration?

Aadhaar number with registered mobile number provides the registration system your personal details using eKYC data from UIDAI.

What do you think? Please leave a reply, to complete the conversation. Thank you for your time.

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