Creating websites easy way

Last few weeks were too engaging as I worked with websites that needed better purpose – Bharat Bolega and Greater Voice.

ScreenShot of Bharat Bolega News Views WebsiteFirst, I turned to Hindi News Views portal Bharat Bolega that has good content from all walks of life.

This was developed as a webportal in 2009 and has great potential to deliver as a language platform.

At Bharat Bolega, the effort right now is to celebrate its dedicated team as much as I value its readers.

Capturing different moods of the nation and presenting them is unique to Bharat Bolega contributors.

With your support, I believe Bharat Bolega can grow as the power behind the people building the future.

As I kept myself busy with Bharat Bolega, I tasked myself with creating a separate website to deliver on issues related to rights and news trends.

Screenshot of Greater Voice websiteSurely, people want more, need more, deserve more, and hence Greater Voice was born.

I took great interest in designing the way news has to be delivered via Greater Voice.

Our new digital universe understands news via web, social media and marketing and Greater Voice has been especially created to highlight what others don’t.

It is not a new Greater Voice, it has been initiated as a premium platform devoted exclusively to news and related content including broadcasting and media production.

As I write this, two more website projects are calling attention. Will update you once I am through with them.

While one has the tagline – ‘Leading India’, the other is going to demand your attention with the catchline – ‘Together We Create’.

What do you think? Please leave a reply, to complete the conversation. Thank you for your time.

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