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In the recent times, news websites like Quint, Wire, Scroll and The Print have made good inroads. Agree. But here I want to emphasize that if you compare these websites with Raisina Hill you’ll note the difference.

Try. Try all the links above. If you also feel the same, do leave your comments below. You are requested to give your feedback with regard to the defining layout and quality of content as published on Raisina Hill.

Raisina Hill is a platform which keeps you updated with news, views and analysis of developments and trends across the world.

It inspires confidence in me as I address you about this news website – Raisina Hill. Why? Because, you are one of the primary reasons Raisina Hill has been crafted to be on the Internet. And this news-views-analysis website is here to stay for a big impact.

I believe – When you’re ready to take the plunge, you need to see where do you stand. Therefore, your feedback matters to me, the most, more so because I have taken the duty to edit Raisina Hill.

Let me tell you that if you need a bit of real interaction, you may visit Raisina Hill office when a lot can happen over coffee. If you are in the National Capital Region of Delhi, take help of google maps for directions.




Ready with new interface

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Raisina Hill milestones

The English news views website started as a political blog in 2009 before evolving into its present form. Today, it publishes latest news stories from India and the world besides carrying expert views, analysis of trends and developments.

Raisina Hill’s newsroom tells the stories people want to hear and listens to the stories people want to tell.

Raisina Hill reports on India’s technology to climate change, economy to foreign policy, floods to terror threats, and also dwell upon India’s relations with neighbours and other foreign countries.


What do you think? Please leave a reply, to complete the conversation. Thank you for your time.

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