Value for money

Value for money; or time is money? This question has been puzzling me for some time.

In the search for good people to build a team, I’ve been talking to people to hire resources and talents.

During this search, I have seen applicants first asking what I will give them in return.

Asked about potential, most give muted response, but they don’t stop asking about the money.

How would I hire them, then? I want good people to come my way, so that together we create.

I have also been open to hiring freelancers, media interns, management trainees, with mixed results.

This means, I’m sorting many applications, replying to job queries and interviewing prospective team members.

At the same time, I’m hiring stringers from different parts of India and appointing input resources from different countries.

Do you know people who can work as stringers, doubling up as freelance journalists!

Besides filing news stories, stringers should be capable of shooting-and-sending photographs and videos, contributing reports-photos-videos from their area, region or country.

Recommend people who are thinking to double up as freelancers, stringers, and interns who can work without any constraints.

The prospective applicant should be able to talk about their service(s) – what they can give as a freelancer, trainee, intern or a stringer!

They should be able to focus on the deliverables, and if that is the case an email may be dropped at

I will appreciate four short paragraphs from them on – 1. ‘Am I a commodity or a service’ 2. ‘What skills and dreams do I have’ 3. ‘How important is money’, and 4. ‘Time is money’.


  1.         I agree with you Neeraj. People asking for salary package but never talk about commitment, concept, innovative ideas, team building...      


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