Podcasts for all generations

Do you have a story to tell? Do you want to hear a story? Mostly, everyone has a story to tell, and everyone wants to hear a story.

Podcast gives you such great opportunity to connect to people through voice. In shortest possible explanation, podcast is audio on the move.

Hear some of the simplest of podcasts for all generations – whether you are a teenager or preparing for competitive examinations. There’s podcast below also for the working class and for people from all walks of life.

1. Podcast for all: Walking through vulnerability

Why listen to this podcast?
Because the thought of being vulnerable and yet strong is not easy to digest. There are certain situations which are awkward but still need to be confronted. One of the most common situations could be accepting feelings for someone and then professing those feelings to that person. Click here to listen to this podcast and learn how to enjoy small wonders of life, and not to be tongue-tied or machine-like.

2. Podcast for working class: What sabbatical offers

Why listen to this podcast?
Because your job comes with its own sets of duties and responsibilities, and there are deadlines, and targets to achieve. At times even weekends are sold out in preparations for the hectic weeks. Click here to listen to this podcast that tells you that sabbatical gives you time to spend with your family.

3. Podcast for students and parents: Let our children dream

Why listen to this podcast?
Because children travel to coaching classes to achieve academic glory. And we know that not everyone can make it to ‘prestigious’ universities. Must we understand with fairness that there are children who cannot solve Trigonometry problems. Does this make them dumb? If a child does not find interest in human anatomy, it should be alright. Click here to listen to this podcast to learn how you can rescue your children, realizing that children are not business ventures.

4. Podcast for teenagers: How teenagers see life

Why listen to this podcast?
Because in this podcast, teenagers Shruti, Girija, Tara and Shailja engage in an impromptu discussion to talk about ‘change’, to make life better. Click here to listen to this podcast and do share with like-minded people. You may join the conversation by commenting below.

Explore these simple stories, and let me know if you have a story to tell. I will feature your podcast. Let’s explore the importance of stopping, listening and relaxing.

What do you think? Please leave a reply, to complete the conversation. Thank you for your time.

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