Wounds Will Heal, Plants Will Be Fine

Well, I had not imagined this. But this truly happened.

While caretaking a plant for over two decades, we felt it’s time. It had been a deadwood for many months, and we had reasons to believe that the decayed plant wasn’t fit for any habitat.

It wasn’t dead shrub, but a lifeless stump, so we thought.

Thus, the standing stub was taken out of the pot, and kept aside, after being broken into three for quick clearance.

Don’t know why they kept on lying, just like deadwoods, for many weeks, in the veranda.

Other plants would be watered, and the balcony cleaned every morning, but the stumps kept on sleeping without any annoyance.

To our utter surprise, all three pieces have suddenly started showing signs of life. O My God!

Reminder that the fallen stumps, lying on the ground, weren’t lifeless actually!

And now, we have something to contribute to nature.

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