Plants Too Need Company

Just a day before lockdown was enforced in the country in 2020, this bamboo plant came home.

In fact it was for somebody who couldn’t collect it, and hence it arrived at our home, luckily!

I had seen people buying bamboo plants for Vastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui.

They would keep bamboo plants in their living rooms and at the offices.

I would wonder how lucky we would be if we’re to buy a bamboo plant one day.

Having roots in many villages, we must have distributed hundreds of bamboo trees, but what is this bamboo plant?

Anyways. This bamboo plant arrived, and found a place in our Drawing Room.

We would water the plant everyday.

I personally took care of the plant until offices reopened.

Then we shifted house.

The bamboo plant had shown all love and charm despite no one coming to our home because of the lockdown, and it found its way to the new home.

Initially we would not find a perfect place for the bamboo plant as it’s tiny.

But soon it got placed in the middle of the house, and even took the centrestage.

Still, until the other day it stood alone, when we realized that even plants need a company.

Now, our bamboo plant has found many a friends, and who knows some of the plants kept around would be some lost relatives.

What a reunion, guided by nature!

Bamboo Plant

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