Letter from a daughter to her father

This letter from my daughter Shruti arrived in my mailbox on December 9, 2021. It was sent to all colleagues at our office – G Caffe. Till date, no one has replied to this, and the reasons are not far to seek. Everyone is speechless!!! (In the letter reproduced below, ‘NB’ stands for Neeraj Bhushan, ‘GK’ and ‘Gee’ mean Geetanjali Kaul, while ‘TKR’ is Tarun Kak Raina.)

Many congratulations on G Caffe’s 10th Anniversary!

As you all know, 9th December marks the Foundation Day of G Caffe, the day when Geetanjali Ma’am and Neeraj Sir took off on a journey that started from Maggi colours of yellow and red and is now flying to new heights of the blue sky and thunderbolt black.

Today I write this Email not as a Content Manager but as NB’s daughter, GK’s goddaughter, and TKR’s favourite human. If you have time and are interested to read further, let me sketch a slightly personal narrative for you. 

I was a high school teenager when G Caffe was conceived as The Gappuccino 10 years ago and the two of us have grown together ever since. Blogging was an entirely new concept back then and online businesses were yet to hit the Indian markets. Whatsapp had not replaced BBM yet and Facebook was just a complicated version of Orkut for people my age.

When I would tell my friends that my father is a blogger, they would be confused if I were talking about his passion or profession. Before we emerged as a Creative Agency a few years ago, we took our sweet time in explaining what a Creative Agency is to the world, and more importantly to ourselves.

The definitions were revised, reframed, rejected, and restructured as we began getting varied projects from different clients and the company took its form. Every work that the company got was a work that we had never done before.

Each execution was a challenge, and we were (in a sense) cocooned yet determined. People believed in G Caffe, and we put our hearts and labour into living to their expectations with or without satisfactory pay cheques.

With years, my father’s designation changed from a journalist and a blogger to an Editor-in-Chief, then to a Brand Strategist and now the Vice President. However, one thing that has remained constant every single millisecond all these years is his love for G Caffe.

I have spent half my life assisting NB with content creation and management and can vouch for the “105475” ideas that germinate in him every moment. While I am his most loved creation in the world, G Caffe is his blood and soul. G Caffe would not have been possible without you, NB! I am so proud of you.

Gee Ma’am, whom I have struggled to refer to as ‘Madam’ and not ‘Aunty’ all these years, is undoubtedly the coolest and most empathetic CEO anyone of us could have asked for. She is strong. She is smart. She is Creative. And she knows her business well.

I first met her many Decembers ago around this time only. She had donned a red Santa cap that morning (it’s not a metaphor, she was actually dressed at her Christmassy best) and came in blowing party horns.

You know how music is to the soul–it heals you when you feel low, it hypes you up when you want to party, it rigours you up when you need a push–GK is to G Caffe. She continues to wear the bold, assertive, and powerful red cap without letting anyone get a whiff of its weight.

G Caffe is GK’s life, labour, and love; not a single day has passed when she hasn’t nurtured it like so. G Caffe would not have survived without you, GK! I am so proud of you.

Tarun Sir is to G Caffe what the gear is to a vehicle. While NB and GK designed the vehicle name G Caffe, took it for test drives, had minor and major accidents on the way, and experimented with remodelling strategies, TKR gets all the credit to have set this vehicle on the right track.

I see my ever so generous Tarun uncle turn into the hawk-eyed General Manager here who has his attention on the minutest records of the company. He makes discipline look cool. TKR’s presence in the company makes me believe in the magic that we are yet to experience, the skys that we are yet to touch, and the infinite possibilities that we are yet to explore. G Caffe would not have evolved without you, TKR! I am so proud of you.

To those who’ve reached this far, I thank you for your patience. I congratulate each one of you. Though we all would agree that each drop fills the ocean, this mail is an exclusive tribute to those three people who’ve been an inspiration to one and all. Thank you for being the wonderful people that you all are and for creating this amazing space that, I am certain, all of us are so proud to be a part of. It’s a happy day, it’s a happy happy day! 🙂


  1. Loved reading this! congratulations Shruti for expressing it so well and the whole GCaffe team for marching ahead despite all odds. All the best for the future.


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