Assange must be extradited! Bank of Justice not bankrupt yet

His revolutionary website WikiLeaks hoists the tagline — Keep us a strong and independent voice for global justice. It also flashes in bold – We help you safely get the truth out.

Coincidentally, Julian Assange is today stuck between these very masts. He is trying to be as strong as he could be while fighting for the truth which is not out, yet.

He is hopeful, though. And he should be … irrespective of the fact that Britain feels he must be extradited, as a London judge ruled on February 24 while honouring Sweden’s remand request for his alleged sex-crime trial.

What if his next move – an appeal, which must be pressed within a week before the London High Court, fails?

His mother Christine Assange has already joined the force and is seeking support against what she calls an American Fatwa, the defence strongly taken by Assange’s lawyers that the whistleblower risks being handed over to the US, which is investigating whether Assange’s website should be held responsible for leaking tonnes of classified information.

Frustrated that even her own country Australia is also not protecting her son, Christine recently wrote to its Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd demanding that he take up this case or resign. “As far as I am aware you have made no diplomatic protest to Sweden for their abuse of my son’s legal and human rights, nor have you protested to the US for their incitements to kidnap and murder,” she wrote. “His case is huge … My son’s legal and human rights should be protected.”

I can understand a mother’s anguish and pain. Hence I don’t want this extradition proceedings to prolong. I want the truth out … soon. I don’t want this case to drag on for months, which normally happens.

Julian Assange was out on bail during this extradition fight; and I know he will come out a free man, at last. But … before that … can he trust me with his case? He has good counsels but I have the confidence. He deserves me, I believe. And I know, the bank of justice is not bankrupt.

What do you think? Please leave a reply, to complete the conversation. Thank you for your time.

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