Greater Voice LogoGreater Voice is news-views interpreter. It brings uncensored stories worth spreading.

Our health, money, environment and security are constantly being threatened. And while we need knowledge, we’re served news laced with partisan views.

Hence Greater Voice, to bring to you true facts and circumstances and to catalogue then-now-tomorrow.

  1. It keeps you informed and prepare you to be a good citizen and a better person
  2. It shapes culture, politics and overall behaviour of the society, empowering people and helping them create suitable environments
  3. It fills the enormous void that is vivid in media coverage
  4. It believes you have a right to know
  5. It does extensive research and preparation to share with you how best you can be governed, and how best you can live happily

If you are a news organisation – newspaper, magazine, radio, television channel or website, you can affiliate Greater Voice as your news-views partner.

In this arrangement you may get:

  1. The opportunity to receive customized, in-depth coverage from India and South Asia, in particular
  2. Comprehensive weekly stories and features
  3. Multimedia packages for special stories on demand
  4. Alerts for breaking news and story plans
  5. Assistance to your media team

If you are a foreign mission, embassy, diplomat or simply the one travelling to India, Greater Voice can provide consultancy to help you understand the country and its people better.

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